Code of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT - Student Responsibilities and Our Courtesy Plan


During the course of the school day,and during any related school function students are expected to:

  • Respect all members of the school community, including staff, students and visitors
  • Treat others with consideration, courtesy and care
  • Be polite and trustworthy
  • Show concern for safety and the safety of others
  • Celebrate and accept differences in ethnicity, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Take responsibility for actions and words
  • Adhere to the guidelines set out in the Dress Code
  • Keep cell phones and IPODs off and invisible (no ear buds)
  • Stay to the right in the hallway and keep the volume of voices down
  • Respect the need of others to work in an environment that is conducive to learning
  • Show proper care and regard for school and personal property
  • Keep desks, cubbies, classrooms, hallways, and yard clean and tidy
  • Respect and follow the rules set by individual classroom teachers
  • Seek assistance from school staff, if necessary, to resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Come to school prepared, on time and ready to learn with all necessary materials and homework complete
  • Always do your best and set achievable goals