Safety Protocols

Newest Information from our SW Public Health Unit. Here are 2 videos provided by the health unit to help understand how schools and families can use the screening tools.

School Decision Support - One Minor Symptom

How to Use the Decision Tool for Parents


COVID-19 Decision Tool for Parents/Caregivers LATEST VERSION NOVEMBER 27th CLICK HERE

10 Tips for Reducing Skin Irritation when wearing a Face Covering CLICK HERE

The Alexandra Hospital in Ingersoll is opening up a new COVID testing centre starting on Monday November 9th. The Alexandra testing centre will be open from Monday to Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm. However, due to safety reasons it is by appointment only. The number is: 1-855-905-6148.


Thames Valley District School Board has created a video for a safe start. Please take the time to watch the video so that you and your child will be aware of all safety measures being put forth for safety for all.  


Visitors, Parents, Volunteers and Caregivers of Royal Roads

 The Ministry of Education has directed that all school buildings be closed. Only students and employees of TVDSB are permitted in the buildings on a regular basis.

For parents, this means that you will need to call the school for any information you need, rather than stop by. If you are called to pick up your child, you will need to call the main line (519-485-4849) to inform the office that you have arrived at the front door. We will bring your child to you whenever possible. Students will not be able to gain entry after the 9 am bell. It is most important that they are on time. If they are late, they will be required to wait outside in a socially distanced line and will be permitted entry one at a time to obtain late slips.

Although we appreciate our volunteers, we are no longer permitted to utilize them. For Royal Roads, this means the Snack Program and Hot Lunch program (along with all other forms of fundraising) will not occur this year. Please encourage your child to pack extra snacks in lunches- just in case!

We will also be supporting virtual meetings as much as possible this year to reduce the number of people in the building and mitigate risk wherever possible. This includes parent- teacher meetings and School Community Council meetings among others.


Masks are mandatory inside all areas of the building.  Children are not required to wear them when outside. Children must don their masks upon entering the building. For this reason, they must carry them on their person. If you are considering having your child carry masks on a lanyard, they must have 2 safety releases so that they don’t pose a safety hazard. Additionally, children can be shown how to fold masks to keep in a pocket or a fanny pack. If a child’s mask is lost or soiled, there will be extras available at each entry door. All staff are required to wear medical-grade masks while inside the building.


School Yard Zones

After the first day of school, your child will be very familiar with his/her yard zone. Maps will be reviewed with students. These are necessary to limit student interaction and mitigate risk. Paint and signs will assist students to stay in their yard ones while outside. We will make efforts to rotate yard zones once we see how things are working in the first few months of school. Your child will have recess and will report to and be dismissed from their colour zone before school and after school. If you drop off and pick up your child from school, you will need to do so in their zone. A map of these zones is on this website.

Colour Zones for yard

First Day Procedures

Upon arriving at school on your child’s first day, please locate a staff member on the yard. You will easily be able to identify us. Children will tell the staff member their name and they will be told to which zone to report to and which teacher they have. It is not our practice to publish class lists and because of possible staffing changes, our lists will not be finalized until the first day of school.  Once they bell goes, teachers will gather their students and they will enter the building in a staggered and socially distanced manner. Please remember that no visitors, including parents, are permitted to walk into the school with their children. Please say goodbye on the yard.

Parking Lot

Our Parking Lot is very congested and is currently used only for Kiss and Ride. There are no available parking spots for parents.  Please note that a staff member will be in the lot daily to ensure the safety of students but they are not permitted to open vehicle doors or assist children out of vehicles. IF YOUR CHILD CANNOT EXIT THE VEHICLE INDEPENDENTLY – YOU ARE NOT TO USE THIS PROGRAM. Exiting children must be seated on the passenger side of the vehicle to allow for a safe and swift exit. If your children are unable to do so, please park on a side street and have your children walk or be walked into the yard. We are also encouraging parents to have their children walk to school or drop off students at the back gate off of Princess Park Drive to alleviate the congestion of our lot. We ask for your patience, understanding and grace in the parking lot. It can work very well when everyone follows the rules. One car at a time exits in SPOT #1. Please wait your turn and be safe.

Parents and caregivers of KINDERGARTEN students must be present on the yard for a “hand to hand” drop off from the teachers. We ask that you wait on the grass near the Kindergarten doors as the tarmac is the major traffic route for other grades being dismissed to the north of the property. Our Kinder teachers will be monitoring the windows for your arrival.

Communication with School

Teachers will be sending information home with students about the online platform they will be using to communicate with home. Get to know where your child’s work is posted. Check it regularly and stay informed of school happenings. Please use these platforms (either Google Classroom or Brightspace) to see your child’s work. All staff also have an email if you need to reach us. Please see the links from the School Staff Page. If all else fails, please call the school and leave a message for the staff member to whom you need to speak. Please note that teachers do not have phones in their classrooms and are often covering duties at break times.  We will endeavor to get back to you in a timely manner. As always, messages will be sent out via School Messenger so if you haven’t signed up, please do so as soon as you can. We also copy most pertinent information into the Royal Roads School Community Council Facebook page that is organized and monitored by our fabulous School Council. Consider joining this page.

Student Health Agreement

On this website you will find the NEW Student Health Agreement (SHA) that needs to be completed prior to September 14th for each child attending Face-to-Face learning this year. Please complete this as soon as possible.

Student Health Agreement Form